The Causes

10% profit to Gifts for Compassion Kids

God calls us to be generous since He has been so generous to us in Jesus! We are excited to announce that Salt will partner with our first company, Lending Hands Mortgage Brokers, to spread the love of God to kids in need through Compassion.

We want to see our kids live a life filled with good health, good skills, good relationships—and the opportunity to hear the Good News. Salt will care for the kids by providing them with birthday and Christmas gifts to remind them that they have a community that loves them all around the world. 



1 Order = 1 Kg Plastic Collected

God loves the beaches and the ocean He’s created - we do too! This is why we have partnered with Cleanhub to help reduce the plastic waste that pollutes our waters across the globe. 

We’re committing to being more than neutral. Each order will fund the collection and responsible processing of1kg of ocean bound plastic waste. On average that’s 50x more plastic than we use! Keen to see how the salt community will be making an impact for cleaner oceans.